Nika Bertram {biografie} {fullpaper}

Stranger than fiction 2 - the return of the author

In my presentation of the "Kahuna Mode Fiction Game", I will not only demonstrate its main features and development history, but also present some theses and main ideas which led me to specific decisions in the realization of this project. Based on my recently published first novel called "Der Kahuna Modus", I regard this shockwave game mainly as an experiment for my own ideas and visions of what digital literature could become, and thus offer myself aka work as a guinea pig for the study and comparison of storytelling in traditional print and electronic media. As a traveller between worlds, I will give a first-hand report on what digital storytelling actually feels like, an update on my experience with the reception of my work so far, and introduce my own views on such questions like structure vs. non-linearity, or the influence of regarding coding as art or games as narratives on how the "author subject" sees itself.