is a site for possibilities to expand poetry to the field of hypermedia and the internet. p0es1s presents and reflects the use of languages or semiotic systems within the symbol machine computer and digital networks: hybrid texts between word, image, sound, and their codes and programming. The projects presented here aesthetically gain not so much by operating within its very specific media, as by operating with or against said media. For the users this means poetry, "poesis" in its very literal sense: to make experiences, experiments as aesthetic self-observation and self-creation.

The online-exhibition shown here was updated in 2001. The p0es1s website will be relaunched by December 2003.

p0es1s 2004 in the Kulturforum Berlin: The literaturWERKstatt berlin in collaboration with the Brueckner-Kuehner Foundation and with support from the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin will present "p0es1s. Digital Poetry" in the Kulturforum at Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, from Feb 13 to Apr 4, 2004. The show will open on Feb 12. A German-English book on "The Aesthetics of Digital Poetry" will be published by Hatje Cantz.

Former presentations of p0es1s: Galerie am Markt, Annberg-Buchholz, 12. sep - 3. Oct. 1992; Gasteig München (Germany), 26 May - 16 July 2000 during the "Schrift und Bild in Bewegung" Festival; Kunsttempel Kassel, 6 Oct. - 12 Nov.; Stadtbücherei Leipzig, 23 - 28 Nov., during the "Leipziger literarischer Herbst";"Erlanger Poetentage", Aug 23.-26.2001; "WordArt", Museion Bozen, 12.9.-29.12.2002.

Beyond, the "p0es1s-symposion" has been established in cooperation with the Universities of Kassel and Erfurt. The symposion took place at the Univ. of Kassel for the first time, 20 - 22 Oct., 2000. The second international symposion was organized at the Univ. of Erfurt and the lliteraturWERKstatt Berlin, 27 - 30. Sep., 2001; a third meeting is planned for the opening of p0es1s in Berlin.

The "p0es1s" shows have been curated by: 1992: André Vallias (Refazenda, Rio de Janeiro); 2000-2004: Friedrich W. Block (Stiftung Brueckner-Kuehner, Kassel); co-curator in 2004: Benjamin Meyer-Krahmer (chezweitz, Berlin). Webdesign by André Vallias.

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