Published in conjunction with the exhibition:

Friedrich W. Block,
Christiane Heibach,
Karin Wenz (eds.):

The Aesthetics of Digital Poetry.
Ostfildern: Hatje Cantz 2004.
336 pp, German/Englisch, ISBN 3-7757-1345-X, 25,- EUR

This book discusses how the concepts of text and poetry and of reception and authorship have changed. Comprising essays, manifestos and detailed analyses by scholars and artists, it is a handbook on the aesthetics of digital poetry, which vividly presents the current state of the discourse.

With contributions by:
Mark Amerika,Johannes Auer, Giselle Beiguelman, Mark Bernstein, Hanjo Berressem, Simon Biggs, Friedrich W.Block, Philippe Bootz, John Cayley, Florian Cramer, Loss Pequeño Glazier, Christiane Heibach, Eduardo Kac, Mez, Bill Seaman, Roberto Simanowski, Karin Wenz, Zeitgenossen.

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