:(){ :|:& };: ascii forkbomb

This forkbomb is a kind of poetic virus. If its visually attractive line of only thirteen characters is entered into the command line of a Unix system and the enter key is pressed, within seconds the computer will crash because the devious little program commands it to make multiple copies of itself, setting off a chain reaction and thus quickly exhausting the system’s resources. Jaromil: “In considering a source code as literature, I am depicting viruses as poésie maudite, giambi against those selling the Net as a safe area for a bourgeois society. The relations, forces and laws governing the digital domain differ from those in the natural. The digital domain produces a form of chaos—sometimes uncomfortable because unusual, although fertile—to surf thru: in that chaos viruses are spontaneous compositions, lyrical in causing imperfections in machines made to serve and in representing the rebellion of our digital serfs.” Copyleft 2002 by Jaromil


has been wired to the matrix since 1991, co-founded in 1994 the non-profit organization “Metro Olografix” for the diffusion of telematics, then founded in 2000 the free software lab “dyne.org.” As a programmer, he is author of free software, pionieering in offering new possibilities for online radios and in dealing with audio streaming and real-time video manipulation in a unique way. He is the co-author of TUBOCATODICO and has been a programmer and performer with the theatre company Giardini Pensili for several years. He co-curated the “I LOVE YOU” exposition about software viruses in the Museum of Applied Arts in Frankfurt.

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